Owens Bottle Company: “O inside a square” mark

  “O inside a Square” mark on antique bottles

Owens Bottle Machine Company ~ Toledo, Ohio (1903-1919)

Owens Bottle Company ~

Known as Owens Bottle Machine Company beginning in 1903, the name was changed to Owens Bottle Company circa 1919.

Owens’ earlier glass manufacturing plants were located at Toledo, OH; Fairmont, WV;  Clarksburg, WV;  and Charleston, WV,  but as time went on Owens gradually acquired other plants throughout the 1910s  including  Evansville, IN; Loogootee, IN; Okmulgee, OK; Chekotah, OK (Graham Glass Company);  Greenfield Indiana (Greenfield Fruit Jar & Bottle Company);  Glassboro,  New Jersey (former Whitney Glass Works plant);  in 1919, the facilities at Huntington, West Virginia (formerly Chas. Boldt Glass Company) and  others.   Some plants were purchased, upgraded and went on with continued heavy production, while certain other plants were acquired and soon thereafter sold or shut down, as was rather typical for a large corporation trying to remain as profitable as possible.

In 1916, Owens acquired the American Bottle Company (A B CO) plants with manufacturing locations at Streator, Illinois and Newark, Ohio.

Julian Toulouse, in Bottle Makers and their Marks (1971) stated the “O in a square” or “Box O” mark was first used in 1911, but according to U.S. Patent & Trademark Office data, Owens claimed first use was actually in the year 1919, around the time Owens Machine Bottle Company officially became Owens Bottle Company.

"O in a Square" mark as seen on the base of a 1920s ketchup bottle.

“O inside a Square” mark as seen on the base of a 1920s-era ketchup bottle, shown below.

In 1929, Owens Bottle Company merged with the Illinois Glass Company, headquartered in Alton, Illinois, to form the giant Owens-Illinois Glass Company.

Presumably, the mark was phased out around 1929 after the merger with Illinois Glass Company, although it probably took a period of time, perhaps a year or two,  before all molds in then current use would have been re-tooled with the new mark for Owens-Illinois: “O and I entwined with a Diamond”.

Tremendous numbers of machine-made containers of many types are found with the O inside a square (or “box”) mark on the bottom, as shown here, including medicine bottles,  salve, utility, food and beverage bottles,  packer jars, and other types. The mark is typical on many bottles found at dump sites and in old landfill areas that date from the late teens and 1920s.

Ketchup bottle made by Owens Bottle Company

Ketchup bottle made by Owens Bottle Company. “O inside a Square” mark appears on the base.

See “OWENS” on page four, and Owens Illinois Glass Company page showing marks used after Owens Bottle merged with Illinois Glass Company (I in a diamond mark) in 1929.

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