List of AB (connected) bottle base mold codes

List of mold codes recorded on the bottoms of “AB-connected” (AB ligature) antique          glass beer bottles (c. 1905 – 1917)

  Usually alpha-numeric (letter followed by a number), these are believed to be “shop marks” or mold identification codes, embossed on the bottoms of antique mouth-blown (handmade) crown-lip “export beer” bottles. The “AB-connected” mark is positioned directly above the code.  (To my knowledge, no one has yet proven exactly what these codes mean).    Some of the letters are followed by numbers ranging above 40, yet other letters tend to be accompanied mostly by numbers on the low end of the spectrum. Some letter/number combinations seem more common, others scarce or simply not yet reported.  Perhaps time and more research will reveal the “whats” and “whys” of the code numbers found on these containers.

(Photo courtesy Frances Riley, Prince Rupert, BC)

(AB / G 30 –  Photo courtesy Frances Riley, Prince Rupert, BC)

The AB-marked bottles are generally believed to date from the c. 1905-1917 period, and were made by Adolphus Busch Glass Manufacturing Company and/or American Bottle Company (see page here with more information).

They are typically found in light blue-aqua glass, occasionally in light green or sun-colored amethyst, and were evidently produced in VERY large numbers, with many iron or steel molds for this particular type of bottle being utilized simultaneously. The bottles were  made in two sizes, the so-called “pint” and “quart”, in reality holding (respectively) about 12 ounces and 24 ounces.


AB / A 9 (photo courtesy Ernie Parks)

AB / A 9 bottle base (photo courtesy Ernie Parks)

These codes are confirmed / reported on actual bottles. If you have codes that don’t appear on this list, you’re invited to email me (contact info at lower right corner of any page on this site) and I will add them to the list with credit to contributor.  This is a list in-progress, first published on the web 2/24/2014.


 1) All listings followed by the notation “TUR” denote bottles recorded in an unpublished manuscript detailing an archaeological excavation in Tucson, 1967-1973: “Beer Bottles from the Tucson Urban Renewal Project, Tucson, AZ”, by James E. Ayres, William Liesenbien, Lee Fratt, and Linda Eure — 1980, Arizona State Museum.  Some of the AB bottles recorded from the TUR project bore embossed heel codes (7-B, etc) which may be date/plant codes (such as 1907-Belleville,IL plant??). Those heel codes, if present, are noted here also.

2) Large numbers of these bottles were used in the construction of the Rhyolite Bottle House (Tom Kelly’s Bottle House), Rhyolite, Nevada during the 1905-1906 period. Just a very few of the codes are recorded below which I’ve been able to discern from studying several closeup photographs of the outside walls. It is certain that many other codes can be found on the AB bottles that were used for it’s construction.

3) Base codes submitted by archaeologist Carol Serr (CS) were recorded on bottles and base shards from several archaeological projects in the San Diego, CA area. Thanks alot, Carol!

4) Codes followed by the notation (Chena) indicate bottles (whole, or base shards) recorded during the Barnette Street/Chena River Waterfront archaeological project at Fairbanks, Alaska in 1992/1993. Many artifacts were found dating from the early 20th century, including many AB marked bottles. Historical Development of the Chena River Waterfront, Fairbanks, Alaska: An Archaeological Perspective (CD-rom – 1998),  edited and compiled by Peter M. Bowers & Brian L. Gannon, with Catherine M. Williams, Andrew S. Higgs, Amy F. Steffian, Owen K. Mason, Ronald D. Navarro, Debra Barringer, Stacie J. McIntosh and other project participants.

5) None of the listings from auctions mentioned below imply in any way that I endorse, promote, or agree with the description or value listed on any of those bottles.  The information was gleaned from ebay auctions merely as a tool to assist in compiling known and reported letter/number codes on these bottles.

6) Please note that some bottles are also found with the “AB Connected” mark along with “CO” and they are also seen with the same type of letter/number combo on the bottom. I have begun including them in the list (8/23/2015), but always with a notation that the “CO” is included.  

AB bottle base - P 21 (photo courtesy James Turner)

AB bottle base – P 21 (photo courtesy James Turner)

AB (connected) beer bottle (Photo courtesy James Turner)

AB (connected) / P 21 beer bottle. (Photo courtesy James Turner)

A 1 (TUR; CS; Chena; Quart size found by James Fassotte near Fairbanks, AK in 2016; also an example reported by Joe Molenda, Helena, MT on 1/31/2017)
A 2 (TUR; Rhyolite NV bottle house)
A 3 (Chena; Daniel Camacho, Fairbanks, AK; also an example found by Theo Ely during excavation for building construction in Clearwater, FL, 12/2016)
A 4 (Chena; Quart size bottles found by Daniel Camacho & James Fassotte near Fairbanks AK in 2016)
A 5 (TUR)
A 6 (reported by Joe Molenda, Helena, Montana 1/31/2017)
A 7 ( by member EpGorge, 1/25/2007)
A 8 (reported by Peter – found in Belen, New Mexico railyard 8/2016)
A 9 (base shard found in Courtland, AZ by Ernie Parks; ebay seller pjenks21 – 6/08/2014; example found by Daniel Camacho near Fairbanks, Alaska)
A 10 (reported by Stephen Parker 2/2017)
A 12 (TUR ; ebay seller klugarsh – 3/01/2014 ; an example found by Greg Young under house addition built circa 1910; one also reported 4/17/2015 by “SAW” – found near Mud Lake, east of Victor, Idaho)
A 15 (reported by Tiffany on 5/14/2014)
A 16 (pint size reported by Daniel Camacho, found near Fairbanks, Alaska)
A 20 (reported by Sharon Vaughn 10/29/2017, bottle found in Illinois)
A 26 (TUR – 8-B)
A 30 (Quart size found by Daniel Camacho near Fairbanks, Alaska, reported 7/31/2015)

B 1 (TUR – 7-B; Chena; example reported by Robyn Jones 6/7/2015; example found in Mercer County, Illinois by Kathy Hale-Johnson 11/4/15)
B 2 (ebay seller cowboyray45 – 3/01/2014; also reported by Dougie C, Hawaii)
B 3 (ebay seller casiem99 – 3/01/2014; Rhyolite NV bottle house)
B 4 (reported by Daniel Camacho, found near Fairbanks, Alaska 8/5/2016)
B 5 (Rhyolite NV bottle house)
B 7 (reported by Leann P – found in farm pasture, Carbonado, Washington – 1/2015)
B 8 (ebay seller jamesw80 – 6/08/2014)
B 9 (TUR – 8-B; base shard found in old dumpsite @ New Albany, Indiana- but without 8-B on heel)
B 10 (TUR- 7-B)
B 12 (Chena)
B 20 (Daniel Camacho – found near Fairbanks, Alaska)
B 33 (reported 8/2015 by Elizabeth Yates, found in Rainier, Washington)
B 34 (reported by Andrew – example found at Atkinson Island, Galveston Bay, Texas)
B 35 (has 8-B embossed on heel, this example reported by Katrina, found in dirt basement of old house in Ontario, Canada)
B 80 (found by Daniel Camacho near Fairbanks, Alaska, reported 7/31/2015)

C (Chena)
C 1 (Chena; example found by Daniel Camacho near Fairbanks, Alaska, embossed “9-B” on heel)
C 2 (Chena; Quart size found by Daniel Camacho near Fairbanks AK in 2016)
C 3 (TUR); (TUR – 8B)
C 4 (ebay seller used-and-rare – 3/01/2014; Chena; example found by Daniel Camacho near Fairbanks, Alaska in 2016; Quart size example found north of Yreka, CA near mining camp by Greg – reported 8/2016)
C 5 (bottle found in Washington County, Mississippi on 5/1/2015, reported by Brent Johnson; Quart size found by Daniel Camacho near Fairbanks AK in 2016)
C 6 (CS; Chena; ebay seller 2014brcollectibles – 11/27/2014; example reported by Joe Molenda, Helena, MT 1/31/2017)
C 7 (CS; Rhyolite NV bottle house)
C 8 (Rhyolite NV bottle house; example found by David R. in Marshall, Missouri 11/2015; Quart size found by Daniel Camacho near Fairbanks AK in 2016; bottle found by Ray at yard sale in Maine – reported 8/2016)
C 9 (found by Sage at Belchertown, Massachusetts – reported 9/26/2017)
C 10 (CS; Chena)
C 11 (TUR)
C 12 (Rhyolite NV bottle house)

D 9 (reported as artifact item listing “1c5 MT-12” in Archaeology of the Old Spanish Trail/Mormon Road by Myhrer, White & Rolf – report detailing excavations in NV analyzed in 1989)
D 12 (reported by Bill Forret on 4/17/2015)
D 19 ( post by VintageUrbanblue, 04/30/2012)

E 2 (found on Vancouver Island, Vancouver, British Columbia- reported by John Hodgins 2/7/2017)
E 3 (reported by Daniel Camacho – found near Fairbanks, Alaska)
E 4 (TUR – 8-B); also an example reported by Dougie C, Hawaii; Quart size found by James Fassotte near Fairbanks, AK 2016)
E 5 (Rhyolite NV bottle house; Daniel Camacho- found near Fairbanks, AK); ebay seller vivianw2770 – 4/02/2014)
E 6 (CS)
E 7 (ebay seller villastorm – 8/6/2015 – quart size)
E 8 (inquiry posted on “Ask Digger”,, 07/2002)
E 9 (reported by Samantha Johnson on 11/21/2015 – example found in Iowa)
E 10 (ebay seller lytus51 – 3/11/2014; Chena)
E 11 (reported by Daniel Camacho – found near Fairbanks, Alaska)
E 12 (ebay seller hilarys.attic – 9/15/2014)
E 13 (Rhyolite NV bottle house; Chena; also a quart-size example reported by Carren Larson 4/7/2015, found @ garage sale in Phoenix, Arizona -apparent ‘R’ on heel)
E 14 (TUR – 7-B; 9-B; Chena; Quart size bottles found by Daniel Camacho & James Fassotte near Fairbanks Alaska)
E 16 (photo shown in .pdf article on American Bottle Co. by Bill Lockhart)
E 17 (Chena)
E 18 (Chena; example reported by Lorraine Saxon- found in Reno, NV on 7/27/2017)
E 19 (ebay seller farmrrus – 4/22/2014; also an example found by Daniel Camacho near Fairbanks, Alaska – reported 7/2015)
E 20 (found by Daniel Camacho near Fairbanks, Alaska – reported 7/2015)
E 21 (reported by Daniel Camacho – found near Fairbanks, Alaska; also an example reported 4/18/2015 by Tammy S. – found @ estate sale in Andalusia, Alabama)
E 22 (Chena)
E 23 (Chena – 7-B)
E 27 (Chena)

G 28 (TUR – 7-B)
G 30 (reported by Frances Riley 4/2016, purchased from someone who had found it near Osland, British Columbia)

H (Chena)
H 1 (amethyst bottle found in Hawaii by Anthony Sylvester, reported 7/19/2017)
H 2 (reported by Melissa on 6/15/2015)
H 3 (TUR – 7-B;  Chena;  ebay seller premiersportsplus – 4/02/2014)
H 4 (ebay seller farmrrus – 3/24/2014; example found by Daniel Camacho near Fairbanks Alaska)
H 5 (TUR; Chena)
H 6 (Chena; Qt. size found by Daniel Camacho near Fairbanks, AK in 2016)
H 7 (reported by Marissa Webb, found in antique store, covered with coral)
H 8 (CS; Chena)
H 9 (Chena; Quart size bottles found by Daniel Camacho & James Fassotte near Fairbanks, Alaska)
H 10 (“quart” size, reported by Susan Rose on 9/13/2014; also a quart size bottle found in Cashton, Wisconsin, reported by Ray Carson 7/2017)
H 13 (found by Daniel Camacho near Fairbanks, Alaska)
H 14 (TUR)
H 15 (found by Daniel Camacho near Fairbanks, Alaska)
H 16 (CS)
H 17 (found by Serena Camacho near Fairbanks, Alaska)
H 18 (TUR)
H 20 (example found in antique shop 1/2016 by Daniel Camacho, Fairbanks, Alaska)
H 23 (reported 8/2015 by Taylor Wyatt- found in Fairbanks, Alaska)
H 24 (ebay seller orduckfan83 – 9/15/2014)
H 26 (found by Daniel Camacho near Fairbanks, Alaska)

J 1 (ebay seller agls57 – 3/01/2014; TUR – 7-B)
J 2 (example found by Eddie McVey in tidal creek, Savannah, Georgia on 7/4/2016; also found in Atlanta GA excavations for subway system in 1970s, as reported by archeologist Jessica Moss)
J 3 (TUR; also an example found by Erika Gorman in New Mexico 3/2016.)
J 4 (reported by Justin on 7/10/2015)
J 5 (TUR – 7-B; also I saw an example for sale in a booth at Florence Antique Mall, Florence, KY on 11/4/2017)
J 9 (reported 9/14/2015 by Dianne Davis-Bibb – example found at flea market in Cabool, Missouri)
J 15 (TUR)

K 1 (Chena; Quart size found by Daniel Camacho near Fairbanks AK in 2016)
K 2 (Chena; Quart size found by James Fassotte near Fairbanks, AK 2016)
K 3 (TUR; Chena; example reported by Diane-found in Loring, AK 9/2015; bottle found by Daniel Camacho near Fairbanks, AK in 2016)
K 4 (Chena; Quart size found by James Fassotte near Fairbanks, AK 2016)
K 5 (Chena)
K 6 (Chena; Quart size found by James Fassotte near Fairbanks, AK 2016)
K 7 (Chena; ebay seller farmrrus – 9/15/2014; Quart size bottles found by Daniel Camacho & James Fassotte near Fairbanks, AK in 2016)
K 8 (Chena; also an example reported by Eric Halkyard – found in Houlton, Maine; quart bottle found by Daniel Camacho, near Fairbanks, AK in 2016)
K 9 (TUR – 7-B)
K 10 (Quart size bottle found by Daniel Camacho near Fairbanks AK in 2016)
K 11 (Chena; Quart size found by Daniel Camacho near Fairbanks AK in 2016)
K 12 (example found near Palmer, Alaska by Jeremy & Bethany Crenshaw – 5/17/2017)
K 15 (CS)
K 16 (reported by Dougie C, Hawaii)
K 18 (reported by Gary Patterson on 5/24/2015)
K 22 (ebay seller jonw262 – 11/27/2014)
K 23 (reported by Kristie & Shane Davis 2/2017; also an example found by Rachael Lee Watkins & her Mom – reported 11/9/2017)

L 2 (example reported by Jacquie Cook- found along San Luis Beach in Guam on 10/27/2016)
L 4 (CS; pint-size bottle found by Scott Baughan in Rhode Island 9/19/2014)
L 5 (CS; also an example reported by Ruth Tivald on 10/19/2016.
L 6 (example found on the island of Guam – reported by Elisa Miller on 9-5-2015)
L 7 (reported 10/2015 – found by John Engst near Mountain Lake, MN)

M 1 (example from old dairy farm near Greeley, CO – Reported by Al 2/18/2016)
M 2 (found by Daniel Camacho near Fairbanks, Alaska)
M 4 (TUR – 7-B; example reported by Jourdan 6/16/2015 – found in barn at Isanti, MN)
M 5 (example found by Ginger, Telluride, Colorado, reported 7/8/2017)
M 6 (CS)
M 7 (CS)
M 8 (CS)
M 9 (reported by Buddar on 6/16/2015)
M 10 (TUR)
M 11 (CS)
M 12 (found by John Napoli)
M 13 (found by Anne-Marie Venne at flea market in Quebec, Canada – 5/14/2016)
M 16 (Rhyolite NV bottle house)

N 22 (Chena)

P 1 (TUR – 8-B; “pint” size example seen for sale in Harrodsburg, KY during the annual “Rt. 127 Yard Sale” event – 8/8/2015)
P 2 (TUR – 7-B; also an example reported by Jill Harbour – found 6/16/2015 north of Cimarron, New Mexico)
P 3 (TUR – 7-B)
P 4 (CS)
P 5 (found by Rob during excavation work @ Wilmington, NC on 1/12/2016)
P 6 (listed on ebay, pic shown in Bill Lockhart et al article: The Dating Game: The American Bottle Co., A Study in Contracts and Contradictions, 2007)
P 8 (reported by Mark Reid – heel is marked 8-B)
P 9 (found in BC, Canada by Garth Johnson, query posted on, 09/2002)
P 10 (TUR – 8-B; example found by Betsy Sears on dive near Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii; also an example reported by Eric Halkyard – found in Houlton, ME)
P 11 (CS; ebay seller hamptdog – 9/15/2014)
P 12 (example found in downtown Seattle, WA by Nate Provident during construction excavation–reported 8/27/2014)
P 13 (TUR – 9-B; also an example reported by John, found near Fairfield, California in 2/2015.)
P 14 (“pint” size example verified at sales booth near Harrodsburg, KY during “Rt. 127 Yard Sale” event on 8/8/2015)
P 15 (reported by William Linzenmeyer – bottle found during excavation for construction project in Spokane, WA 7/2017)
P 16 (CS)
P 18 (CS; Rhyolite NV Bottle House)
P 19 (CS)
P 20 (reported 1/19/2016 by Becky Rakestraw – found in Dallas, GA)
P 21 (reported by James Turner)
P 22 (TUR – 8-B;  ebay seller premiersportsplus – 4/02/2014)
P 23 (CS; an example found by Anne-Marie Venne at flea market in Quebec, Canada 5/14/2016)
P 24 (base shard found in Courtland, AZ by Ernie Parks; bottle reported by Phil in Tennessee; also a bottle found washed up on the beach by Gary L. Coleman, near Cape Sable, FL – 2/2016; and a bottle found by Cheryl on Vancouver Island, British Columbia 3/6/2016)
P 25 (TUR), (CS)

R 1 (reported by Delfina Lampi – example found in an antique shop in Southern California)
R 2 (reported by Hugh Mortimer – found near Leechtown, British Columbia, Canada in the 1960s)
R 3 (TUR)
R 4 (example reported by Cindy Wood- found 11/12/2015 in Covington, TX)
R 5 (CS; 24 oz example found by Alan Havens in Gastineau Channel, Douglas, Alaska in 2001)
R 6 (CS)
R 8 (CS)

S 1 (CS)
S 2 (, member “ncbred”, 4/21/2010)
S 3 (reported by Jessica Cost 8/2015)
S 4 (TUR – 7-B)
S 5 (CS)
S 7 (TUR – 9-B; CS)
S 8 (reported by Bonnie Kay, found at excavation site at Winslow, Arizona, 1/2015)
S 9 (CS)
S 11 (base shard found on beach at St. Michael, Alaska)
S 12 (bottle found in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan – reported by Majken Cooke on 12/9/2017)
S 15 (pic from ebay auction, unidentified seller)
S 16 (ebay seller cowboyray45 – 3/01/2014)
S 18 (base shard found in creek, Marietta, Ga, reported by T.J. Santangelo)
S 19 (CS)
S 20 (example reported by Tom Rockwell – found in Baja California desert on 12/6/2016)

T 1 (bottle reported by William Linzenmeyer – found during construction project in Spokane, WA 7/2017)
T 2 (CS)
T 7 (“pint” size [9.5 inches tall] found by Kristi Kirschner @ antique store in Washington state- reported 9/12/2014)
T 12 (bottle found by Rich Ballweg, reported 7/7/2017)
T 20 (ebay seller wamaam – 3/01/2014)
T 21 (pint-size bottle found by Daniel Camacho near Fairbanks, Alaska)
T 22 (reported by Kelli 11/2015)
T 25 (reported by Derek Mauk 9/15/2014 – found in West Virginia)
T 26 (reported by Vanessa Shields on 6/25/2015 – found at Lake Tahoe, CA)
T 30 (found by Nicole Douglas along San Marcos River, Texas 6/16/2016)
T 31 (example found during excavation in Trinidad, Colorado – reported by Brian Dierks 12/13/2016)
T 41 (TUR)
T 43 (ebay seller paulsantiques2011 – 3/01/2014)

U 5 (TUR)
U 8 (example found in Eugene Oregon, reported 8/15/2015)
U 13 (reported 11/29/2016 by Lee Williams in Montana)
U 14 (bottle reported by Winston Haselden on 12/10/2016)
U 19 (found in Atlanta GA excavations for subway system in 1970s, as reported by archeologist Jessica Moss 11/18/2016)
U 23 (reported by Chase on 9/6/2014; also an example reported by Ragan 10/25/2015 – found in Nantucket, Massachusetts)
U 24 (TUR)
U 25 (reported by Audrey Wilbur 7/26/2016- found in Lake Worth Lagoon area {Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway}, Palm Beach County, Florida)

V 1 (found by Daniel Camacho near Fairbanks, Alaska in 2016; another example found by Jeff Shurtleff in Glenwood Springs, Colorado 4/5/2017)
V 2 (Rhyolite NV bottle house; ebay seller prehistoricflorida – 3/01/2014; ebay seller villastorm – 8/6/2015 – pint size)
V 3 (Rhyolite NV bottle house – green color)
V 4 (reported 8/2015 by Taylor Wyatt – found in Fairbanks, Alaska)
V 5 (quart-size bottle, reported by Deb McMahon)
V 6 (Rhyolite NV bottle house)
V 7 (reported by Daniel Camacho, found near Fairbanks, Alaska)
V 8 (Rhyolite NV bottle house)
V 9 (base shard found along Ohio River, New Albany, Indiana)
V 10 (example reported by Megan Lierman – found at Tatitlek, Alaska)
V 11 (reported by Daniel Camacho, found near Fairbanks, Alaska)
V 12 (Rhyolite NV bottle house)
V 13 (ebay seller cowboyray45 – 3/01/2014)
V 14 (reported to me by Gary on 4/21/2014)
V 15 (reported by Daniel Camacho, found near Fairbanks, Alaska)
V 17 (found in NW Arkansas by Kathy, reported 9/5/2014).
V 18 (TUR; Daniel Camacho, found near Fairbanks, Alaska)
V 20 (TUR; also an example found in antique shop, Fairbanks, AK by Daniel Camacho – 1/2016)
V 22 (Rhyolite NV bottle house)
V 23 (Rhyolite NV bottle house, sun-colored amethyst glass)

X (Chena)
X 1 (Chena)
X 2 (bottle base recorded by Alex, from archaeological excavation at Tempe, AZ, 2016)
X 3 (found near Fresno, Montana by Frank Schend)
X 4 (CS;  Chena;  also an example reported by Maryjo Kimberlin 8/2017)
X 5 (CS)
X 6 (pictured on
X 7 (CS; Chena; example reported by Derek Mauk- found in St. Louis, MO)
X 8 (Quart size bottles found by Daniel Camacho & James Fassotte near Fairbanks AK in 2016; pint size bottle found by Rob Houchin at Gull Lake, Hickory Corners, Michigan)
X 9 (ebay seller chrisbaur – 3/01/2014)
X 10 (Chena)
X 12 (reported by Brett Weathersbee – found in Pleyto, California)

Y 3 (found by Daniel Camacho near Fairbanks, Alaska)
Y 4 (found by Brook Taylor at flea market in Eufala, Oklahoma – reported 8/2015. This bottle is marked with a crude, small, thinly embossed “CO” to the right of AB, which appears it could have been a later hand-tooled addition to the mold.
Y 5 (example reported by Kim Williams 5/11/2016)
Y 6 (Chena; also a bottle found by Daniel Camacho near Fairbanks, AK in 2016)
Y 7 (Chena; Rhyolite NV bottle house)
Y 8 (reported by Tiffany-found along the shore of coastal Georgia on 2/22/2015; also an example found by Rob during excavation work @ Wilmington, NC on 1/12/2016)
Y 10 (TUR; Chena)
Y 12 (TUR)
Y 13 (TUR)
Y 15 (ebay seller htmcollection – 3/01/2014)
Y 18 (reported by Robyn Jones 6/7/2015)
Y 22 (reported by Phaedra Spencer 9/21/2015 – this example has a smaller, lightly-embossed “CO” to the right of the AB, which appears to be a later addition to the mold (as noted on Y 4); also a bottle found by Brandon Holthaus underneath a house in Virden, IL on 4/21/2016 – but without small “CO” on that one).
Y 23 (example found while digging for garden – reported 6/11/2017 by Duane Syverson of Guthrie, OK)
Y 25 (CS)
Y 27 (partial bottle found 2/22/2015 by Dave Munro on beach @ Bellingham, WA)
Y 33 (found in Atlanta GA excavations for subway system in 1970s, as reported by archeologist Jessica Moss 11/18/2016)
Y 37 (example found by Brian Kutter near Waxahachie, Texas on 2/13/2016).
Y 43 (example reported 8/21/2017 by Lynn – found in Walterboro, South Carolina)
Y 61 (found by Walter Kopp during excavation for sewer lines in Tulsa, OK, reported 10/2015)
Y 63 (or Y 53?) (ebay seller baltic.950 – 4/22/2014)
Y 67 (reported by Danny, found in Corpus Christi, TX; also an example found by Robbie Baker 2/1/2016 during utility dig at Natchitoches, LA)
Y 69 (bottle found in Vail, Arizona – reported by Linda Pope 9/12/2017)

3 (or 8?) (found in Nevada desert by Jim Lehan, reported 12/2014)
4 (found by Jeff KcKenzie in Hebron, Nebraska, reported 5/11/2016)
6 (Qt. size found by Daniel Camacho near Fairbanks, AK – 2016)
7 (machine-made amber bottle, Bill Lindsey; also an example reported by Levi on 6/26/2015)
8 (Quart size found by Daniel Camacho near Fairbanks AK in 2016)
10 (Chena)
13 (Chena)
15 (reported 12/2016 by Mayron in Isla Colón, Bocas del Toro, Panama).
16 (Quart base shard reported by Rich Littlefield on 7/5/2017)
54 (pic from ebay auction, unidentified seller)
71 (reddish-amber bottle, reported by Will Grice 10/2015)
III / X (seen on dark teal aqua or teal green soda or beer bottle which may be machine-made—found in Quebec, Canada. This bottle might have been made for export)

AB / P 10 bottle (encrusted with coral) as found off coast of Maui. (Photo courtesy of Betsy Sears).

AB / P 10 bottle (encrusted with coral) as found off coast of Maui. (Photo courtesy of Betsy Sears).



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130 Responses to List of AB (connected) bottle base mold codes

  1. Sharon Vaughn says:

    We have and old bottle that says AB with A 20 on the bottom found in house in Illinois !!

  2. Sage says:

    Connected AB C9 found in belchertown massachusetts while fishing a tiny stream on the side of a mountain

  3. Carlos Lucero says:

    Hi David: I found diggin today september 7, 2017, an amber beer bottle 9 1/2 inches tall in downtown Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico, with embossed base: A.B.G.M.Co. inside a circle and with number 3 and horizontal BELLEVILLE and ILL.

  4. David Bouch says:

    found ab bottle with y47 on bottom what is the year if known can see silhouette of mark behind the raised mark it is fully intact no chips

  5. Lynn says:

    Hi! So fun. Y43 dug up in Walterboro, SC

  6. Megan Lierman says:

    I have an AB (connected) bottle with V10 stamped on the bottom. Found in Tatitlek, AK.

  7. Lorraine Saxon says:

    My husband and I were working on a firebreak around our house on Pyramid Highway Reno NV. on July 27, 2017 and found this bottle AB E18 up about a half mile from the highway

  8. Maryjo Kimberlin says:

    Thank you for all the wonderful info. I was excited to find an aqua blue bottle with AB connected and an X 4 on the bottom in Greenville Indiana. 2017

  9. Carlos Lucero says:

    Hi David: I found diggin today august 7, 2017, an amber beer bottle 9 1/2 inches tall in downtown Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico, with embossed base: A.B.G.M.Co. inside a circle and with D6 at center.

  10. Doni says:

    A.B.C.M. Co 11 (we think it’s stamped 11) then P17 in the center. Found in Creek Bed
    2010. Santa Cruz Ca Mountains

  11. Anthony Sylvester says:

    Hi David,
    I dug an AB connected with base mark H1 in an amethyst color out her in Hawaii. I tried emailing you but it does not seem to work or I donʻt understand the directions. I would like to list it here.
    Mahalo, Anthony

    • David says:

      Hi Anthony,
      Thanks for the info. I will update the list shortly. My email address is written that way (at the bottom right of any page on this site) to help reduce spambot email address harvesting.
      Take care,

  12. Ray c says:

    Hi David, just found a AB H 10 aqua blue Quart bottle and a aqua blue pint bottle in Cashton Wisconsin. The pint only has 7 5 13 or it might be 17 5 13 on the heel. Just found your web site this weekend. Great job,Great info. All the other emails i sent you, the bottles all came from the same pit in Cashton. Thanks keep up the great work

  13. Ginger says:

    Hi all! We just found a AB M 5 picked up on a construction site in Telluride Colorado.

  14. Rich Ballweg says:

    Today I found at a church rummage sale an AB T12 and paid $1.00 for it. Any idea of its age? Did not see it on your list

    • David says:

      Rich, I cannot pinpoint the exact age of any of the AB-connected bottles, as explained in the article (see the other [main] article about these beer bottles; there is a link embedded in the text near the top of this page).
      Best regards,

  15. Rich Littlefield says:

    Found a quart size base shard in Hazen, Nevada. The number below is “16”, no letters. This area was pretty well worked over by diggers many years ago and someone left a piece of history behind. Also noting that the AB logo is wider with thinner lines than on other same-size bottles. Don’t know if it is taller than other logos as the top 10% of logo is missing. Having a base shard made it easy to overlay on other AB bottles that I had. (picture available)


  16. Duane syverson says:

    Dug up an ab y 23 bottle in my front yard gardening…Duane Syverson…Guthrie Okla

  17. Alex says:

    During the analysis of historic artifacts from our 2016 excavation in Tempe, Arizona, I identified an aqua bottle base with the “AB-Connected/ X 2”

  18. Jeremy and Bethany Crenshaw says:

    We dug a AB marked K 12 near Palmer Alaska

  19. Daniel Camacho says:

    David, I just now cleaned the C1 bottle that I dug and is listed on your list. I just noticed that it’s marked 9-B. I don’t know if you have been wanting that info also. Now I’ll need to go and check the rest of them. Take Care.

  20. Jeff shurtleff says:

    Found April 5 2017 at Glenwood springs elementary school construction site AB, v1

  21. Mike Schend says:

    Have a AB x3 which I didn’t see on your list. It was found near Fresno Montana by Frank Schend.

  22. Stephen Parker says:

    Ab bottle A10 value

    • David says:

      Stephen, the typical blue-aqua colored AB/connected beer bottles with codes on the base are very common and have only nominal monetary value to antique bottle collectors- perhaps 1 to 4 dollars or so. Such bottles often appear on ebay and do not sell at all unless the minimum bid is set very low. However, those in unusual shades of color, such as amethyst, may sell for more.
      Best regards,

  23. Kristie & Shane Davis says:

    Me and husband have an AB K23 aqua colored glass with uneven bottom inside and looks to be swirls on the top. Didnt see it on the list. Thought you might like to add it. Thanks.

  24. John Hodgins says:

    Hi David. Wonderful website. I have an AB connected light aqua blue bottle with the code E 2 to add to your list. It was found on southern Vancouver Island British Columbia Canada.

  25. Carolyn White says:

    Found s17 several years ago in south Georgia. Is it worth anything?

    • David says:

      Carolyn, the AB-connected beer bottles are extremely common, (made in the millions) and even though they are at least a century old, because of being so plentiful, and because there is no embossing (lettering such as brewery, brand name, city or state) on the front, but only the glass maker mark on the bottom, they don’t have very much strict monetary value to antique bottle collectors. On average, they might be valued at 1 to 4 dollars (note: this is just my own opinion), although they may be priced much higher at antique malls, flea markets and on online auction sites.
      Although I’m sure some of the code number/letter combos are much scarcer than others, there is not currently a lot of interest/demand in these bottles, and so it’s difficult to know which ones are harder to find. And since there is little collector demand for these bottles, the scarcity of some variants has little or no impact on “market value”.
      Best regards,

  26. Brian Dierks says:

    I dug up a bottle with the AB mark and the number T 31 while excavating near a building in Trinidad Colorado… I didn’t see this on your list… Wondering if you could tell me more about it

    • David says:

      Brian, all of the info I have concerning these bottles is already posted on my two webpages concerning them. I will add your find to the list. Thanks and best regards,

  27. Lee Williams says:

    U13 on the bottom of an AB blue bottle. Found in Montana.

  28. Steve Hale says:

    Hey David – Went thru my Pile and found a standard aqua beer with an R 1 code (which I notice is on the list), but the AB connected is fairly crude. Looks to be an early Crown Top to me – lots of bubbles, etc…? Steve

  29. Kyle Richter says:

    Found one this weekend completely intact. We live in Mascoutah Illinois which borders Belleville Illinois and is just outside of St. Louis. The bottle contains the number S-17 and is light blue in color.

  30. Reb Willows says:

    My father found a small cache of Coors bottles in the Colorado mountains near St Elmo’s found in a barrel near a mine in the late 1960’s. I have 2. One is the A.B Co V 8. The other is a V 11. One was given to the corporate Coors since it still had a Coors label. My folks left quite a few in the barrel. My mom has a bottle with a label still and some of those bottles in the attic.

  31. Peter says:

    Found a bottle AB A8 Belen rail yard, Belen New Mexico bottle is in perfect condition four feet underground. Interested in finding out what year this would be thanks.


    • David says:

      Hi Peter, all of the information I’ve gleaned about these bottles is already presented in my two articles concerning them. Basically, these bottles were evidently made between 1905 and 1917. For what it’s worth, it appears that no particular “AB-connected” beer bottle can be dated to an exact year.

  32. Daniel Camacho says:

    I just dug the base to an AB connected B4 base mold.

  33. Bob Brown says:


    A collector I know recently found an Amber 7up ACL 7 ounce bottle with the typical swimsuit girl ACL label that has a heel mark of 29S6. That code is the only embossed marks on the bottle and there is no AB accompanying it. According to Bill Lockhart, the 29S6 mark was used by the American Bottle Company in 1929 and also by the Owens-Illinois Glass Company in 1929 when Owens-Illinois bought American Bottle that same year. However, because the bottle has a 7up ACL label, I can’t help but wonder what the connection might be between an apparent 1929 bottle and what should be a circa 1935-36 7up ACL label? Is it possible that its a 1929 ACL or is it more likely a repurposed bottle that Owens-Illinois used after they bought American Bottle?



    • David says:

      I can’t say for sure, but I would guess the bottle was blown from an older, re-used bottle mold on which the heel mark (engraving) had not been ‘erased’ (filled in so it would no longer be visible). Many times molds were re-tooled and used again, since molds were and are expensive to produce.

  34. Nicole Doiglas says:

    I pulled one out of the mud of the San Marcos river in Texas today with a code that reads t-30

  35. Hi there,
    I found two bottles this week-end, one of which you already have, P 23, and another one you don’t, M 13! This was at an antique/flea market in Québec, Canada.


  36. Jeff mcKenzie says:

    I have one dug up in Hebron Nebraska, mint, has wire and stopper, AB 4 mark

  37. Trevor Hayes says:

    My brother found two Regal Lager bottles in Niagara Falls, Ontario while doing a Ren-o. One of the bottles has AB S-16 on the bottom and the other is blank. Regal Lager was a beer company located in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. around 1915

    • David says:

      Hi Trevor,
      Thank you for your post and the information. This offers evidence that some of the “AB-connected” beer bottles could have been made as late as 1915. It is also very possible that the bottles in question had been re-used and had labels pasted on them several years after being manufactured. It was very common for all types of bottles to be saved and reused by both businesses and individual consumers, especially in the 1800s into the very early 1900s. So-called “bottle shops” operated in some large cities and they served as recycling centers and second-hand sellers of glass.

  38. Brandon Holthaus says:

    I found an AB connected beer bottle underneath a house in Virden, Illinois today. It has the Y 22 on the bottom, but not the small co to the right of the AB, as spoken about above on the list. Curious to know any other information. Thank you.

    • David says:

      Hi Brandon,
      Thanks for the note. Sorry, but I don’t have any other info other than what is already written on these pages. I’ll add your find to the list.
      Take care,

  39. Erika Gorman says:

    Hi! We found one in mint condition this weekend….it survived the Las Conchas Fire by the Valle Caldera in Northern New Mexico and was unearthed by runoff erosion post fire. We were walking through the runoff debris this past weekend and found it sitting there full of dirt but otherwise unharmed. Tough bottle to have survived so much. It has a J13 under the AB. Thanks for putting this page together!

  40. Cheryl says:

    I was hiking in the bush today on Vancouver Island B.C Canada today and stepped into a mud bog and noticed the bottom of a bottle . Dug it out and to my surprise it was a AB p24 in mint condition . It’s a real head scratcher as to how it was there .

    • David says:

      Hi Cheryl,
      Thank you for your post. Probably someone was drinking beer while out hunting or hiking (many years ago) and disposed of the bottle in the most convenient way they could think of………merely tossing it aside.
      Best regards,

  41. Al says:

    Have one with M 1 marking. Came from an old dairy farm belonging to my in-laws near Greeley Colorado

  42. Robbie Baker says:

    Found today (Feb. 1, 2016) an AB Y 67 bottle complete intact during a utility dig in Natchitoches, LA.

  43. Rob says:

    I found a P5 and Y8 today 1/12/2016 while excavating and old bridge end bent in Wilmington, NC

  44. May says:

    My 4 yr old son loves old bottles especially blue ones. Found an AB A 1 aqua in color at a thrift store for $1.99 as part of his Christmas gift. We had no idea of its age or origin, how exciting! Thanks for the information. We live in Comox Valley, BC, Canada.

  45. Samantha Johnson says:

    Hi, just wanted to say your page was very helpful! I recently found a bottle marked connected AB E9 in IOWA I didn’t see it on your list!!!!

  46. David says:

    Hello David-
    Great site with lots of useful info!
    I found an AB connected bottle with C8 on the bottom at a thrift store in Marshall, Mo today. Beautiful bottle with lots of really neat mold marks, bubbles in the glass, lines, etc. and NO chips, cracks, dents or dings. I gave $1.00 for it, hope it wasn’t overpriced!

  47. Andrew says:

    Greetings. Found an aqua blue bottle in 2012 marked AB B 34 on Atkinson Island, Galveston Bay, Texas.

  48. Will Grice says:

    I found an slightly reddish, amber bottle, with faint 2 casting lines from top to bottom. On the bottom, is a connected AB (like pictured above) with a distinctive 71 below it.
    9 3/8″ tall and 2 9/16″ diameter.

  49. Ragan says:

    Found an AB U 23 On Nantucket! 😃

  50. Walter Kopp says:

    I found an AB connected 12 oz. bottle with code Y 61 at a sewer renewal site in Tulsa OK this week.

  51. Dianne Davis-Bibb says:

    Hi. Found a aqua blue bottle marked AB J 9 in a flea market in Cabool, MO.

  52. Elisa Miller says:

    So cool!!!…We just found one in Guam. The code is AB L6. We found it in the water, at low tide, at Gab Gab beach which is on Naval Base Guam.

  53. Mark Giovagnoli says:

    We have a brook in our back yard in Enfield, New Hampshire with a lot of old broken glass dating back to the late 1800s and early 1900s. We did find many intact bottles and one of them have the AB symbol with H8 on the bottom. Can you tell me anything about it I am interested in learning about it.

    • David says:

      Mark, all that I know about those AB bottles is what I have already written on this webpage and the other page about the AB bottles on this site. Did you read both pages?

  54. Noelle Mitchell says:

    Hi David,

    We are landscaping in our backyard and the crew dug up an AB bottle with an M6 below the connected AB mark. We are excited to know that the bottle is about 100 years old. We dug ours up in a neighbourhood in Victoria BC Canada where many of the homes date to the early 1900s. We really appreciate your website! Thanks for the information. Noelle

  55. Jess Cost says:

    I’ve found an AB S-3 with an “S” embossed under the AB while going through my late mother’s things. She was an avid bottle digger back in the day. Aside from being dirty on the inside, it’s in great shape.

  56. Jeff and Elizabeth Yates says:

    I have a AB connected and B 33 on the base. I found it when my husband and I were tearing down an old mobile in Rainier, WA.

  57. Taylor Wyatt says:

    Hi David, I have recently found two bottles that aren’t on your list. H23(with cork inside) and a V4 Fairbanks, alaska

  58. Brett Weathersbee says:

    My comment is awaiting moderation? From January 2015

    • David says:

      Hi Brett, I added your AB bottle to the mold codes list back in January, and wrote you a private email, thanking you for the reported find. Do you check your email spam/trash/junk folders? In any case, please be aware I do not approve/post every single comment I get to this site, or the site would soon be OVERWHELMED with thousands of posts for the web-surfer to wade through, and would cause the webpages to load somewhat slower for those with older or slower computers. I only answer about 30 percent or less publicly, but many are answered privately. I can barely keep up with answering comments/queries on this site, as, believe it or not, I actually have a full time job in my “other life”. I do not sit in front of my computer all day. Many questions are sent to me which I am simply unable to answer, and alot of them are questions that are ALREADY answered somewhere on my site, or can easily be answered by taking a bit of time to do some keyword searches online. I hope you will understand. Sorry if this causes any inconvenience to you.
      Best regards, and Take care, David

  59. Vanessa Shields & Francesca Graham says:

    Found a AB T26 bottle at the bottom of Lake Tahoe CA!

  60. Delfina Lampi says:

    Hi David, I was going thru my vintage bottle collection and found a light blue ” AB ” connected beer bottle with ” R1 ” embossed on the base. Your site was helpful in finding out a little information about it, thank you. I wish I could tell you more about exactly where it was found but I purchased it over 10 years ago in an antique shop in the Southern California area likely between Fresno California and Riverside California. Hope you can add this one to your list !

  61. John says:

    Today I found an AB connected beer bottle with P13 embossed on the base. Found sticking out of the ground not far from the Budweiser plant in Fairfield, CA. Washed up beautifully, very clear non-scuffed bottle.

  62. Bonnie Kay says:

    I received the same bottle a few weeks ago with the same AB and s 8. It was dug up weeks ago at an excavation site here in Winslow, Arizona. A historic building, downtown caught fire approx. a year an a half ago & masses of bottles are still being found. I was lucky enough to be given a few. Also, this page was very helpful and easy to find when I searched the bottles’ markings. Thanks. -Bonnie Kay

    • David says:

      Hi Bonnie, Thanks for the information, and your kinds words about the site! I have added your bottle to the list of mold codes reported to me. Best regards, David

  63. Leann P says:

    I found an aqua AB bottle with the “B 7” stamped on the bottom. The B was actually stamped twice! Found in Carbonado, WA, in our horse pasture.

    • David says:

      Hello Leann,
      Thanks for your post! Your bottle has what is called “ghost embossing” when a part of the mark appears in duplicate–usually the secondary embossing is fainter. This is caused by the molten glass being blown into the mold and the glass shifts very slightly, “picking up” a part of the engraving (this may happen in just a second or fractions of a second, and might be somewhat akin to the idea of blowing a “balloon” of bubble gum, sucking it in slightly, then blowing it out again) before settling into it’s final place against the inside of the metal mold. I will add your mold code to the list. Thanks, David

  64. T.J. Santangelo says:

    Hi! I found an aqua blue bottle base shard that has just the AB with S 18 under it in a creek in Marietta, GA. -T.J. Santangelo

  65. Deb McMahon says:

    I have a AB V.5 in the qt. size. Thank you for the great info. Sorry to have to write twice- writing over enter your comments is soooo confusing to an old gal. Deb

  66. Phil says:

    Just dug a blue bottle AB connected, P24 on the bottom. Southern middle Tennessee. Bottle in great shape except for some white staining on what looks like the outside and inside.

  67. mark reid says:

    found this at an auction in southern Indiana. it is ab connected with a p 8 on base and a 8 b on heel.

  68. Daniel & Serena Camacho says:

    David I hope you get excited like I am over what I’m about to tell you. I was out digging with my bud again Saturday and I see that I have three more AB bottles not listed in your data base here. And my wife thought it was cool that you added our names giving us credit and what does it mean. I told her well honey it means you have the only documented bottle of that mark, only one in existence until proven otherwise hahaha.
    Off the Six AB connected marked bottles three are not on your list (E-11, V-11,& V-15) I did manage to dig two more v-18 and one H-13 also. I’m going to have my buddy go through his bottles also for you. Thanks for putting up such a wonderfully and informative page. Daniel Camacho

  69. Daniel & Serena Camacho says:

    David,I’ve been digging bottles lately near Fairbanks,Alaska where some gold miners worked around 1908 at the earliest that have the AB connected base mark and of course trying to accurately date them I stumbled on this page of yours. So I went through my cataloged notes and found these AB connected base marks in my collection not listed here on your page. I hope this helps.
    H15,H26,H13 and Y3. Also my wife Serena dug one yesterday that is H17.The H17 is such a super weak mark you can barely make it out. I’m assuming the mold was pretty well used and worn by the time this bottle was blow. Daniel & Serena Camacho North Pole, Alaska.

  70. Tiffany says:

    I found a bottle in a old homestead in the mountains in 2013, that has the AB (connected) A15 on the bottom, really cool! Thanks for sharing info on the bottles! Was really interesting and informative!

  71. Debbie says:

    Hi David, I just found an ab connected Blue bottle complete. The markings on the bottom of this bottle is AB.Co under that is The letters BIG and under that is 05. I’m stumped, thanks for any help. Debbie

    • David says:

      Hi Debbie,
      [Readers: Debbie send me a pic of the base]. The second line of text is supposed to be “B 19” although it does indeed look like “BIG”. I have not attempted to compile and list the base code numbers seen on the “AB[connected] CO” bottles, only the ones with just the “AB”[connected] . The “AB [connected] CO” bottles are not as commonly found as the “AB[connected]” ones. Most of those bottles seem to follow a similar pattern of letter/number combos on the bottom.

      In any case, it would seem that the ‘AB CO’ stands for American Bottle Company. Your bottle was likely made sometime in the 1905-1917 period. It is possible the “05” stands for 1905 but that is not certain by any means!! Usually, when a number appears on the bottle that is believed to be a date code, it is on the heel, not the base. Since this is on the base (third line of text) this presents more questions than answers!

      Take care, David

  72. John Napoli says:

    The other day I dug up an AB connected beer bottle with M 12 embossed on the base. This was dug in an area that seems to range from 1910+/- to around 1930.

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