Diamond Glass Company, Royersford, Pennsylvania

Diamond Glass Company

Royersford, PA (1885-1990)

Diamond Glass Company of Royersford produced a wide variety of containers throughout their long history.   Please click here to see an early Diamond Glass bottle catalog posted on Tod von Mechow’s great informational site on antique soda and beer bottles (note: the original long URL was shortened through the tinyURL.com site) :   Diamond Glass Company catalog.    This catalog is circa 1900-1905, and indicates that many of their soda bottles were marked with style or mold numbers on the base, but with no manufacturer’s mark.    A few bottles are marked with a plain diamond,  or “D.G.Co.”.

Most bottles found in the United States with a diamond marking (but no letters or numbers inside) can be safely attributed to Diamond Glass Company of Royersford.

Note: There are no doubt a few bottles in existence (marked with just a plain diamond) which cannot be attributed to Diamond Glass Company with absolute 100% certainty, simply because Illinois Glass Company produced bottles with an “I in a diamond” and on some examples their ‘I’ is invisible or barely discernable.   However, the chances are good that any particular bottle with just a plain diamond marking was indeed made by the Royersford concern.  Bottles with a diamond mark with numbers or a number/letter combination within are considered to be products of Illinois Glass Company.

Diamond Glass Company was purchased in 1985 to become part of Diamond-Bathurst, and in 1987 the factory was  acquired by Anchor Glass Container Corporation, who closed down the plant in 1990.

Below, the typical “plain Diamond” mark as seen on the heel of more recent bottles………this is on a clear glass non-returnable soda bottle from 1986.

Diamond Glass Company, Royersford, PA soda bottle

Diamond Glass Company, Royersford, PA clear soda bottle, made in 1986. Diamond mark on heel, with ’86’ date code positioned to left.


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  1. tduro tduro says:

    I found a pint flask clear bottle that says FEDERAL LAW FORBIDS SALE OR REUSE OF THIS BOTTLE on the side. Maker’s mark is an empty diamond. Above the diamond is a number 4. To the left of the diamond is the number 18. To the right of the diamond is the number 65. Below the diamond is R-44. I thought it might be an Owens Illinois bottle from 1965, which would fit with the FEDERAL LAW FORBIDS…, but that doesn’t fit with plant code 18. I haven’t been able to find anything on R-44. I’m assuming it’s a rectifier code, but can’t find any info on it. My next guess is Diamond Glass Company 1965. Anyone care to offer an opinion?

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