Crownford China Company

      Crownford China Company

Crownford China Company appears to have been a wholesale /distributing / importing company based in New York City, active during the period of approximately 1964-1973.  Crownford sold many types of decorative items made of china, pottery and glass.  A variety of souvenir plates,  reproduction milk bottles, glass kitchen canister sets, liquor decanters and other items were sold and are found frequently throughout the United States.

One of the most commonly found items with this name on the base is a reproduction “Thatcher’s”  milk bottle, which was evidently  produced in several attractive colors including medium cobalt blue, green,  amber, and clear glass.

All (or most) of the bottles were, as far as can be ascertained, made for Crownford by an unidentified glass manufacturer located in Italy. Most of the glass items seem to have been made circa 1964-1970.  Many of them have dates and the notation “Made in Italy”embossed on the bottom.

If you have any information concerning the correct identity of the glassmaker involved,  please contact me and I can add to this webpage, with full credit given to the contributor!

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13 Responses to Crownford China Company

  1. Elizabeth Nelson says:

    I have an amber cannister of crownford gift ware 1980(?) With grapes that says NY on the bottom. It’s dated the 1980. Feel like I have a unicorn as it has no cracks or chips.

  2. NYVal says:

    I just purchased a pair of forest green salt and pepper shakers with black plastic lids at a church sale. They are marked Crownford China Co. 1966 Made in Italy. They are about 6 inches tall with pretty ribbed, fluted sides. Both shakers have a 1 1/2 inch medallion with a military-looking wing spread eagle embossed in the middle. I collect green glass and thought they were interesting. From reading your column and readers’ comments, it definitely seems that Crownford imported an eclectic mix of glassware without regard to establishing a particular look or brand. This might explain why it didn’t remain in business for a great length of time, lol.

  3. Patricia says:

    I received one of these bottles in the late sixties as a gift. It came commercially filled with milk bath granules.

  4. Judy Jones says:

    I just bought a 1965 Crownford China Milk bottle and an orange juice bottle. Do you know if they were food safe or decorative only? Thank You.

    • David says:

      Judy, if you are speaking of GLASS bottles, they are food safe. That is the intrinsic nature of ordinary glass, which is one of the many reasons glass is so popular for bottles, jars, dishes, etc. If you come across any Crownford China items that are ‘ceramic’, (china or pottery), it might be better, as a mere precaution, to use them only for decoration, since it is *possible* that the glaze might have lead in it.

  5. craftycyndi says:

    Hi David,
    I was just given a clear glass 2 quart jar with a heavy wire hanger. On the bottom is says “Made in Italy, Crownford china co 1969 with a circle with a C in it”. On the front is says “good house keeper jar”. There is a raised area with a jug, mixing bowl and utensil under the words? Know anything about this piece?

    Reading peoples comments has been very interesting, feel like I am on a treasure hunt now.



    • David says:

      Hi Cyndi, Crownford China Company imported gobs of items from Italy in the 1960s, and I don’t know anything about that particular item, other than the self-explanatory markings you have described. Best regards, David

  6. Ben Benson says:

    I have a Cobalt Blue Thatcher Bottle which I believe to be original & not a repro,
    On the bottom there is NO marking 1965 or made in Italy, just Crown Ford China Co.
    Can anybody advise

    • David says:

      Hi Ben,
      Since Thatcher Glass Company never made any milk bottles in cobalt blue glass, and the bottom of your bottle is marked “CROWNFORD CHINA CO”, then we can know for sure that the bottle is a “fantasy” milk bottle and is of relatively recent production……made sometime in the 1960s-1970s. It was sold as a gift item, souvenir, or “decorator bottle” but it was not sold containing milk. Whether or not the base is marked “Made in Italy” is not relevant in this case. Some variants do and some don’t have that wording on the bottom.
      The bottle was marketed through the Crownford China Company which was basically a company that imported gift items from overseas. The terms “original” and “repro” can be very confusing, and mean different things to different people, but in this case the bottle is certainly not an “original” milk bottle. All of the older authentic, original milk bottles made by Thatcher were made in clear glass. These newer-looking “Thatcher” bottles in unusual colors (pink, yellow, light blue,cobalt blue) are not authentic milk bottles, which is why I call them “fantasy” bottles. I hope this helps,

  7. Camille says:

    I have a green, somewhat pear-shaped jar with a canning lid, embossed with”Sarah Simmons Sensible Foods” and “trade mark reg.” below that on one side, and “6 quarts warranted storage 1903” on the other side. On the bottom, it is marked “Crownford China Co. Inc” “Made in Italy 1972.” What was it’s purpose? What is it’s current value?

  8. ginny says:

    Very informative site. I appreciate all the effort and hard work that went into this site. I admire your dedication. I have a glass all purpose storage jar made in Italy, Crown Ford China Co, Inc. 1971. Made by Lucas Pouty & Co. Pat.D 1904.

    • David says:

      Thanks Ginny for your kind words. Unfortunately I don’t know anything about the jar, other than what is obvious by it’s markings. I’m assuming Crownford China had “subcontractors” (for lack of a better word) in Italy who supplied various items for them to sell/distribute under the Crownford name. The patent number may be referring to a design for the jar being officially registered in Italy (?).

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