B in a circle: Brockway Glass Company

“B in a circle” mark on bottles: Brockway Glass Company, Brockway, Pennsylvania  (1907-1988)

This mark was adopted by Brockway Glass Company in 1925 and used on tremendous numbers of bottles, up until circa 1988.

The “B in a circle” mark is usually seen on the base, and seems to have been placed  in the center of the base on most earlier bottles (I don’t have a timeline to indicate HOW early),  but by the late 1970s,  if not earlier,  the “B” was typically placed near the top, as in the 12:00 position on a clock. (See pics below of late 1970s-early 1980s bottles). However, keep in mind that this typical placement of the mark is not 100% consistent, and some bottles made by Brockway might not conform to this general rule.

Brockway Machine Bottle Company (starting in 1907) merged with its own subsidiary Broadway Sales Company (created 1927) to form Brockway Glass Company in 1933.    In 1933, Brockway bought the Monaca Glass Company, Monaca, Pennsylvania, but closed that plant about a year later.

Other glass plant acquisitions included the former De Camp Consolidated Glass Casket Company (Muskogee, OK) in 1946;  Sterling Glass Company (Lapel, Indiana) in 1950; the Demuth Glass Company of Parkersburg, WV in 1955, and the Tygart Valley Glass Company, Washington, PA, in 1959.          In 1964, 8 of 10 Hazel-Atlas Glass Company glass manufacturing plants were acquired by Brockway, bringing the total number of plants at that time to sixteen (Julian Toulouse, Bottle Makers and their Marks, 1971, pages 60-61).

In the year 1973, (besides the Brockway PA location), their glass factories were located at:   Crenshaw, PA;  Muskogee, OK;  Lapel, IN;   Freehold, NJ;  Parkersburg, WV;  Washington, PA (2 plants); Rosemount, MN;  Zanesville, OH;  Montgomery, AL;  Ada, OK; Oakland, CA and Pomona, CA.


In 1988, Brockway Glass Company assets were purchased by Owens-Illinois, Inc.,  forming Owens-Brockway, Inc.,  now  Owens-Brockway Glass Containers, Inc.       Exact corporate structure seems a bit confusing to me, but Owens-Brockway Containers, Inc., is presently (2013) a subsidiary of Owens-Illinois, Inc., with O-I  corporation headquarters  (formerly based in Toledo, OH)  now (since 2006) based in Perrysburg, Ohio.

Many of the former Brockway Glass Company container plants are still in operation, under the Owens-Brockway Containers Inc. name.  (See my page that pictures Owens-Illinois Glass Company marks).

For a list of Brockway Glass plant codes in use during 1973 (courtesy of Dick Cole, fruitjar.org), click here .

For much more detailed information on Brockway, check out this article by researcher Bill Lockhart (and others), including a list of plant location code numbers:


Brockway ~B-in-a-circle Mark

Brockway Glass Company ~ B in a circle on base of beer bottle


Brockway ~B-in-a-circle Mark - 1979 bottle

Brockway Glass Company – base of 1979 amber beer or soda bottle. The “12” plant number indicates this was made at their Zanesville, Ohio factory.


Brockway Glass Company - base of 1983 amber beer bottle

Brockway Glass Company – base of 1983 amber beer bottle, also made at Zanesville.


Brockway Glass Company - base of 1986 clear soda bottle

Brockway Glass Company – base of 1986 clear soda bottle. The “4” plant code indicates manufacture at Lapel, Indiana.


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23 Responses to B in a circle: Brockway Glass Company

  1. Dan Simmons says:

    I just purchased a Pep Kola, 10 oz. soda bottle. It has a B in a circle in the middle of the bottom. 67 to the right, and 3 under the circle. Could this be a Brockway bottle, possibly from Lapel, Indiana?

  2. Luann Barbagallo says:

    I have a jar with B in circle on bottom, 10 above that and something under that I cannot discern. Any idea of it’s age?

    • David says:

      Brockway Glass Company made lots of jars over several decades, and since the “10” is a mold number, I really can’t tell you how old it is.

  3. Seth Miller says:

    Hi, I have a container with B in circle on base center. Left is “0” below is “2” and above is “5679”. Nothing to right. Any idea where this was made? The container is close to 64oz capacity and a screw top with a handle on 1 side. Any help is appreciated. Thank you

  4. Pamela says:

    I have a little brown bottle 1/2 oz and the numbers 1501 above the circled B

  5. Christy Jones says:

    I have a small brown bottle that has SQUIBB on the top front and on the bottom there’s a 2 then a B in a circle in the middle and a 0 on the right of the B

  6. Josephine says:

    I have a small brown glass bottle with B a circle around it 1340 above it and 5 DR. Obelow it

    • David says:

      Josephine, it sounds like a small medicine vial that holds five drams. The “1340” is probably the bottle style number assigned to that mold design.

  7. Makayla says:

    Hello! I have an 8 oz Brockway Sani-glass medicine bottle. On the bottom where Brockway is in cursive, the only other thing there is the number 18 below it. Do you know what this means? The number?

  8. Julia Eirick says:

    I have a brown bottle with Broadway wrote out underneath on the bottom the top it has a crazy looking 3 with viii beside it…at the bottom of the bottle, but not underneath, it looks like a plus sign in a circle with the word “sari-glos” any idea what kind of bottle…on the side the measurement goes to 220cc

    • David says:

      Hi Julia, the marking is meant to be “SANI-GLAS”, a trademark used by Brockway Glass Company for their line of “generic” medicine bottles. The bottles could have been used for a variety of products, but primarily medicinal products. the “Crazy looking 3” means “ounces” and the viii means “8”, thus your bottle holds approximately 8 ounces of liquid. I don’t know the timeline for the Sani-Glas bottles. Perhaps a search of patent or trademark sites could bring up the date ranges for it’s use.

  9. Helen says:

    hi david ! so i found this bottle with a b in a circle, it has a W and some embossed leaves on the bottom it had the numbers 2566-A with a O on the right and a 1 under the B in a circle, i have been searching online but nothing specific appears. Thanks for the help!

    • David says:

      Helen, I’m sorry but I don’t know. The “2566-A” is a code number assigned to that bottle style/design. Perhaps using that number in online keyword searches you could find out more info. However keep in mind that Brockway (as with many other large glass container manufacturers) made many, many styles and sizes of bottles over a long period of time, and often it is very difficult to find detailed information on a particular container.

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  11. Scott Banta says:

    I have a bottle I found and no luck finding any info about it.
    It has B in a circle in the center and a 3 to the left. Above the B it says 1847. It’s a small clear glass. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks, Scott

    • David says:

      Hi Scott, since Brockway made thousands of different bottles and jars over many years, it would be no surprise that info on any particular bottle can be very hard to find. The only bit of info I can pass along is that the “1847” would be a mold design number (inventory number) assigned by Brockway to that particular bottle. You might try searching ebay with such keywords or phrases as bottle, “B in a circle” and “1847” in case others have posted similar bottles up for auction.
      Best regards,

  12. Leslie says:

    Thank you for all this great information! My husband and I found a small glass jar while digging in our yard. I believe it’s a medicine jar. It has a circle with a B in it, but the B has 3 serifs.

  13. Bobbi P. says:

    I have (4) 4″ glasses, there are 3 “lines” of circles, with a pedestal bottom. Reminds me of Old jelly jars or maybe even soft cheese product jars.

    The bottoms all have B in a circle, but with just one other number, each on one side of the glass bottom. The numbers are on the left and the B on the right. One glass only has the B.
    I’d appreciate any help you could offer.

    • David says:

      Bobbi, I don’t know anything about the jars, but I will assume they are product jars for soft cheese, peanut butter, jam or jelly. Brockway made a huge variety of containers with the “circled B”. The numbers to the left are presumably mold numbers and give no information on date.

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  15. Martha says:

    I found a small bottle with the circle B in the middle that washed up in St. Augustine, FL. The number over the B is 818. The number to the left is 0, and the number on the bottom is a 10. There is nothing to the right. The neck of the top of the bottle is textured or with tiny little bumps. Is this from 1910 maybe?

    • David says:

      I am quite sure it is not as old as 1910. However I have no info on exact age. The “818” is a mold number assigned to that particular bottle style or design. The “10” could be a plant code number or mold cavity number. It is certainly not a date code for 1910.
      Best regards,

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