Newark Star Glass Works, Newark, Ohio

N next to (or within) a star” marking on antique bottles

Newark Star Glass Works, Newark, Ohio


Although this factory name may have been in use (officially or unofficially) throughout the entire stretch of time, the business firms which operated this factory also used their own glass marks on many of their products:  Shields, King & Company, 1873-1880  (see S.K.& Co. mark on page 5);   Edward H. Everett (1880-1885), officially incorporated as Edward H. Everett & Company (1885-1904), see E.H.E. and E.H.E. Co. marks on page three.

Although I don’t think there is any documentation to prove it  (so far), the “N in a star” and “N with a star” markings were probably used mostly during the earlier stretch of time when Shields, King & Company were running the factory.  The mark is seen on aqua and light green-colored shoofly or  “coffin” style liquor flasks, cone ink bottles, and other types of utilitarian containers that appear to date from the 1870s – 1880s.

This factory was purchased by the Ohio Bottle Company in 1904, became part of American Bottle Company in 1905, after which the plant eventually became part of Owens-Illinois Glass Company in 1929, with the plant being closed down permanently in 1930.

(Much more detailed info can be found in “Edward Hamlin Everett: The Bottle King” by G. Wallace Chessman & Curtis W. Abbott , 1991, published by Robbins Hunter Museum, Granville, Ohio).

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