Horseshoe & Star design on the base of jelly glasses


   This motif is seen on the base of jelly glasses, packer jars & tumblers, the majority of which were probably made from c.1900-1930. (Sometimes the star is not present).

Typically, these containers might be described as “jelly glasses”, but in many cases were more than likely sold containing prepared mustard, jam, soft cheese, peanut butter or other food products.

Some examples have mold letters or numbers on them, such as one of the glasses illustrated here, embossed with the letter “P”.

They were often saved and reused as juice glasses or small tumblers.  They are sometimes found in old dumps of the early to mid 1900s.   Sometimes they are found for sale in thrift shops or flea markets, being sold as small drinking glasses.

Glass manufacturers who reportedly produced these items with a horseshoe design on the base include: Indiana Tumbler & Goblet Company, Greentown, IN (1894-1903);  Indiana Glass Company, Dunkirk, IN;  Ball Bros. Glass Manufacturing Company, Muncie, IN (1888-1992); Fostoria Glass Company, Fostoria, OH (1887-1891) & Moundsville, WV (1891-1986);  Monongah Glass Company, Fairmont, WV (1903-c.1929);  and Hazel-Atlas Glass Company, Washington, PA, Wheeling, WV & other plant locations (1902-1964).   I am sure other companies produced them as well.

Horseshoe & Star on base of jelly glass (Photo courtesy Virginia Morse)

“Horseshoe & Star” on base of jelly glass (This photo courtesy Virginia Morse)

Looking at the base from outside the glass, the "P" is backward. It appears correctly when looking down into the glass.

Another example: Looking at the base from outside the glass, the mold letter “P” on this particular piece is backward. It appears correctly when looking down into the glass.

Horseshoe & Star Glass (mold letter P)

“Horseshoe & Star” Jelly Glass (mold letter P)



Other small glasses of somewhat similar shapes (but not with a horseshoe on the bottom) are found with such marks as those of Hazel-Atlas Glass Company and Capstan Glass Company, among other makers.

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