Faroy Glass Candle Holders

 FAROY brand Glass Candle Holders 

                 “FAROY  U.S.A.”

     This marking is seen on glass votive candle cups / candle holders.   Distributed/sold  by Faroy, Inc, Houston, Texas.

In 1950, Addison McElroy and Preston J. Frazier (a native of Houston)  founded Faroy, a wholesaler and retailer that made and shipped luxury candles and other goods around the world. Their retail operations eventually included two popular shops in Houston in the 1960s and 1970s. (This info from an obituary of Preston J. Frazier, published in the Houston Chronicle, May 22, 2012).

A search of patents bring up several relating to candles, including some patents awarded in the 1966-1967 time frame.   I believe most of the colored glass candleholders with the raised marking “FAROY U.S.A. / PAT. PEND.” or similar wording (some with a matte or “frosted” surface, probably produced by dipping in an acid bath)  date primarily from the 1960s  and 1970s.

Frosted yellow vaseline glass candle holder marked faintly "FAROY U.S.A. / PAT. PEND" clockwise around stem.

Frosted yellow vaseline glass candle holder marked faintly “FAROY, U.S.A. / PAT. PEND.” around stem.

These candle cups include the stemmed type, for use with a sconce or multi-stick candelabra-type candleholder,  as well as un-stemmed “candle cups” or “candle tumblers”.




The smooth-base, un-stemmed “votive” types may also be collected by  toothpick holder collectors.  In fact, they could just as well be classed as “toothpicks” by some collectors.

Clear glass toothpick (or candleholder) marked "FAROY / PATENT PENDING / U.S.A.". Uncertain pattern name (if it has one). Photo courtesy of Terri Gant.

Clear glass toothpick (or candleholder) marked “FAROY / PATENT PENDING / U.S.A.”. Uncertain pattern name (if it has one). Photo courtesy of Terri Gant.

Faroy candle cups in several patterns are seen in clear, bright “frosted” or “matte” green glass, frosted yellow glass (“vaseline glass” containing uranium, as it glows under a blacklight),  light to medium “depression green”, cobalt blue,  amberina (ruby red shading to orange or yellowish amber along the top rim),   and no doubt other colors are out there!

Amberina candle cup or toothpick, marked on base "FAROY U.S.A. PATENT NO 236,908". (Photo courtesy of Valerie Miller)

Amberina candle cup or toothpick, marked on base “FAROY U.S.A. PATENT NO 236,908”. (Photo courtesy of Valerie Miller). This patent number was issued in 1975, in effect for 14 years. Presumably this was made sometime between 1975 and 1989.

There is almost no information readily available (online, at least) to indicate who the actual glass manufacturer was (and I am positive Faroy did not make their own glass).

I suspect Indiana Glass Company, or perhaps Anchor Hocking Glass Company might have made some of this glass, but if you have information disclosing the ACTUAL MANUFACTURER of these candle holders, please contact me!!   It is possible that some,  if not all of the Faroy-marked glass was produced overseas  (outside the US),  perhaps in countries such as Taiwan or Japan.  The “look” of some of the candleholders is somewhat reminiscent of glass votive cups made in large quantity in Asia, often marked “MADE IN TAIWAN” on the base. (See my page on the “Hobnail” candle holders.)

Bright green FAROY candle cup, pattern similar to "SAWTOOTH".

Bright frosted lime green FAROY candle cup in a pattern similar to  “Diamond Point” or “Sawtooth”.  Marked “PATENT / FAROY / U.S.A./ 1 / PENDING” on base.

Cobalt Blue "Diamond Point" type candle cup, marked on base: "PATENT NO. /FAROY / U.S.A. / 204,556". Picture courtesy of Jan Wooten)

Cobalt Blue “Diamond Point” type candle cup, marked on base:  “PATENT NO. /FAROY / U.S.A. / 204,556”  (Photo courtesy of Jan Wooten).

FAROY "Diamond Point" type stemmed candle holder in "depression green" glass. Marked in a circular formation around the stemmed base is "PAT. NO. 2 204556 / FAROY / U.S.A." (The first "2" is a mold number).

FAROY “Diamond Point” type stemmed candle holder in “depression green” glass. Marked in a circular formation around the stemmed base is “PAT. NO. 2 204556 / FAROY / U.S.A.” (The first “2” is a mold number).

I will be more than happy to expand this webpage, and give full credit to anyone who has more detailed information on the glassware with the FAROY markings.  If you have examples of FAROY glassware in other colors not mentioned here, please contact me so I can add them to this text! Thank you!

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20 Responses to Faroy Glass Candle Holders

  1. Tim Cote says:

    I recently acquired a yellow “vaseline” version of the amberina one shown above. It glows nicely under UV light. It has the same patent number. Your photo shows a distinctly pebbled surface, while mine appears much smoother. It is possible there were multiple manufacturers. It is now part of my toothpick collection.

    • David says:

      Since they were imported from Asia, it is possible that more than one glass manufacturer was involved. However, I would also add that this may just be a case of the manufacturer utilizing several different molds — each mold not being exactly the same.

  2. Rebecca DeWitt says:

    I have a faroy votive holder purchased from an estate sale. After searching patent # (208421) found the patent was issued in 1967 and for 14 years after. Manufacturer was Victrylite Candle Co based out of Oshkosh.

  3. Jo Ellen says:

    I have a yellow Faroy candle holder, pat.# 236,908 USA I saw a red one on your site.. any ideas on how rare the yellow one is? I have a picture I can send. Jo Ellen

    • David says:

      Hi Jo Ellen,
      I have no clear idea on which colors are rare (or scarcer!). You are welcome to email me pics of the candle holder. My email address is listed on the lower right hand corner of any page on this website.
      Thank you!

  4. Vicki Schirmer says:

    I have just found 4 Red Nosed Reindeer Placecard Holders in the original box marked : for FAROY, INC – Houston, Texas 77043 on one end of the box and: Hamdcrafted in Taiwan c 1985 FAROY on the other end, c meaning copywrite, I guess. Would this be you? I live near Houston and would like to know about them. Thank you!

    • David says:

      Vicki, Sorry, but I don’t know anything about your placecard holders. This webpage is basically only about the glass candleholders sold with the FAROY mark embossed on them.
      Thanks for writing,

  5. Elroy says:

    I worked at their retail location for two years (stocker), then as their warehouse manager. I only saw containers (from ships) and large sturdy wooden boxes from abroad. Each delivery felt like Christmas. It is still possible their Candle Store, Chemist Shop and Glass Shop (Westbury Square) received merchandise separately/drop ship as I mostly saw merchandise delivering to Cargo Houston and The Branch retail stores.

    Elroy (anonymous)

  6. Elroy says:

    I worked as a warehouse manager. We stocked two stores, The Branch in Galleria and Cargo Houston in Westbury Square. Everything would arrive in ship containers filled with straw from China.

    • David says:

      Hello Elroy,
      May I ask what time period you are referring to? Also, exactly what items do you recall that were involved in these shipments? Were they candle holders actually marked with the “FAROY” brand name? I have a hunch that the “FAROY” marked glass was made here in the United States in the earlier years, but at some later time they started importing glass from Asia.
      Best regards,

      • Elroy says:

        I never took a close look at anything arriving, we were so busy unpacking and checking for damage. This was the middle 70’s. Mr Frasier was letting everyone know that Faroy was one of the early importers fro China. I was there when he saw/supervised the first container opened – it was large hand blown glass terrariums in clear glass. I remember he also had two other stores in Westbury Square then, The Chemist Shop and I think it was called The Glass Man – with live demonstrations every night.

        • David says:

          Thank you Elroy! Your information is very helpful since we can now state with good authority that all of the glass marked “FAROY” was actually manufactured in Asia, not (as I was originally thinking) by an unidentified glassmaker in the United States.
          I appreciate your input!

  7. Fritz says:

    I have a votive cup labeled Patent/ No. Faroy 1 U.S.A. 204,556 that is Pink.

  8. David Conaway says:

    We have an amber frosted and an amberina frosted both tulip shaped and have a feel of the frosted vicking glass items.

  9. Jan B. Wooten says:

    I have a Faroy cobalt blue votive cup patent 204 566 (https://www.google.com/patents/USD204556?dq=us+204,556&hl=en&sa=X&ei=ifxpVMUgiaTJBN_qgqgC&ved=0CCQQ6AEwAQ) saved from college days (1970) when “hippie” boutique shops were still common. I don’t see such simple but richly colored votive candle cups anymore. There are a few details on a website in Singapore about the Faroy company (searched on Google): http://www.streetdirectory.com/travel_guide/31041/home_accessories/faroy_candles___find_out_how_this_company_got_started.html but I have not looked further.

  10. I have a strange colored one… it’s kinda purple frosted… says Faroy (that I thought was Farcy) and pat no 208421

    • David says:

      Hi Michael, Thanx for the info. The “Faroy” marked candleholders I have seen so far are really nice looking…….wish I knew more about who actually manufactured them!

  11. Daniel Hopwood says:

    I have the green candle cup as shown in your photo, except it has patent no. 241,265 on the bottom.

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