EUREKA design on base of unidentified tumbler / jelly glass

I have been intrigued by this shard for some time. I haven’t been able to find out ANYTHING about it, other than the fact it is a pressed-glass design based on the State Seal of California.  The raised design appears “correctly” when looking down into the glass, but in reverse when looking at the bottom of the glass from outside. 

Currently, I do not have a complete example of this piece, but I believe it to be the bottom portion of a typical “Jelly Glass” or “packer glass” most commonly used for food products such as jelly, jam, soft cheese, peanut butter, prepared mustard, etc.  There is also a chance it was part of a commemorative set of tumblers or drinking glasses. 

EUREKA design on base of tumbler or jelly glass

EUREKA design on base of tumbler or jelly glass-as it appears when looking “down” into the glass.

I will include pics of this shard, and hopefully, as a result of creating a special page just for this item, someone with more background info may come forward and clue us in on it’s proper identification!  

I believe it dates from sometime in the 1890 to 1920 period, and probably from the 1900-1910 span within that range.   

EUREKA - Reverse- looking at design from outside the glass.

EUREKA – as it appear in reverse- looking at design from outside the glass.

This glass does NOT have anything to do with the Eureka Fruit jar Company or any other canning jar manufacturer that I am aware of.  Thanks for any input from readers who happen to land on this webpage and site!







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