California Glass Insulator Company

        CALIFORNIA GLASS INSULATOR                                    COMPANY


                Long Beach, California (1912-1916)

This glass manufacturer operated in Long Beach, California from 1912 to 1916,  beginning under the name “California Glass Insulator Company” . Insulators and bottles were made in considerable quantities.  In 1914, the firm was reorganized and the official name was changed slightly to “California Glass Works”.

Nearly all of the insulators made at this factory were marked “CALIFORNIA” across the lower skirt, with the exception of the CD 102 “pony” telephone style which is lettered “C.G.I.CO.

California CD 166 - amethyst

CD 166 in Amethyst – embossed CALIFORNIA



A variety of glass colors are encountered, including a range of purple (amethyst) shades, burgundy, plum, sage green, smoke, peach, yellow, aqua and clear. Some insulators are found in a combination of colors, such as the “Two-tone purple/yellow”CD 260 “Roman Helmet” style insulator.

There are many very slight color/tint variations found and California insulator collectors enjoy finding examples that don’t quite fall into an exact color slot, but fall somewhere in between the ‘”accepted” color names that have been loosely assigned to them.

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