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This page on my site is a “shameless plug” with links concerning various other topics of interest to me that some of you might also find of interest.   Most of these sites and webpages are not directly connected with glass or glass collecting.

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Evangelist William Marrion Branham, born in great poverty in rural Kentucky in 1909, and growing up with only a seventh-grade education, preached all around the world, and spearheaded the “divine healing” revival during the 1940s and 1950s.   His supernatural ministry has remained unequaled since the days that Jesus Christ himself walked upon the earth. Who was this man?  The controversy continues to rage on about just who he was, and his place in Bible prophecy. Yes, the great power of our God is just as real and true today as it ever was in the so-called “Bible days”.  Hebrews 13:8.  If you’ve never heard of the End-time Message, please take a few minutes and find out more about Brother Branham and the Message, sent by God Himself to a dying world!  It’s really later than you think!  (At this site, anyone can access, download and listen to any of over 1200 audio sermons on their computer, smartphone or other device, free).  Those sermons are from actual original recordings of his services around the country, and some overseas, during the period of 1947 to 1965.  You can hear for yourself the many, many times in which he called out persons in the audiences he had never met, and told them exactly what was wrong with them, their name, where they lived, etc.  This was true discernment of the Holy Spirit speaking though a man…. the “Word of knowledge” in action, God showing that He truly IS the same yesterday, today and forever.



 Great website all about birds and birdwatching:



Whatbird.com is a GREAT site with discussion forums for anyone interested in birdwatching and learning more about birds in general that you see in your backyard or anywhere!


Website discussing all kinds of fish, U.S. and worldwide, including the common species and the more unusual and hard-to-catch species! Great site for those interested in multi-species fishing—not just the “standards” such as bass, bluegill or catfish! Tons of pics of obscure, very rarely seen fish species:


Dick’s Towboat Gallery: Photographs & info on thousands of diesel towboats operating on the Mississippi & Ohio River systems. If you are a “river rat” and enjoy watching river traffic moving on the inland waterways, this site is a good one! :


MarineTraffic.com is a super site, an interactive website where you can find information, pictures, and the current/recent  tracked location of hundreds of thousands of boats and ships of all types from all around the world including fishing boats, tugs, ocean cruise liners, commercial cargo ships, oil tankers, pleasure craft, sailboats, yachts and more. My special interest is in commercial towboats operating on the Mississippi River system, and you can find most of them are integrated into the marinetraffic database.   So far, I’ve uploaded about 200 photographs I’ve taken over the last three decades, showing many towboats as seen here on the Ohio River in the Louisville, KY area.  This link should take you directly to a list of photos, but if not, please go to their Home page and locate the “Vessel, Port, etc” rectangular box along the upper right and type in my name (David Whitten).

MarineTraffic.com website

Clint Buffington’s “Message in a Bottle” blog. Clint has a fascinating hobby of searching for (and finding) Messages in bottles along beaches. Interesting blog as he relates his attempts to find the senders of messages he has found:

Message in a Bottle Hunter


Information about fishing along the 981 miles of the Ohio River:


What is Transferware? Transferware, a type of pottery often seen with blue and other colored intricate designs. The most recognized pattern would probably be “Blue Willow”:


The “Romantic period” in transferware pottery/dishes was generally most popular during the 1830s-1850s period. Romantic transferware often featured an idealized “dreamy”, “romantic” or “gothic” scenic view with themes such as a castle, a lake, trees, people, etc, placed in the center of the plate.  Thousands of different patterns were made by hundreds of potteries.  Blue was the most plentiful design color but other colors such as black, pink, green, brown and purple were also made. The great majority of Romantic style transferware was produced in the Staffordshire pottery district in England. Much of it was exported to the United States. This link will pull up lots of pictures of transferware via the Google “Images” search engine:

Pictures of various “Romantic Period”

Another link showing some pics of transferware:

Blue Willow pattern dishes:
Beginners Guide to the Blue Willow pattern

For tree lovers: the United States “Big Tree” program at American Forests.org website. Lots of info on the Champion Trees program:

Ohio DNR site on their state “Big Tree Champions”:

Arbor Day Foundation—-Inspiring the public to plant more trees:

The Vintage Aerial website has a HUGE collection of 20th Century black and white aerial photos taken around the US, and many of them are of rural farms and farmhouses and small-town America.  They date mostly from the 1950s through the 1980s.  I love this site!  I actually found an aerial photo of the old house we lived in when I was a boy in Central Illinois!!   The picture was taken in the mid-1960s and shows our car in the driveway!  Check out the site and see if they have aerial pics available from your state, county or area. They are continually adding more pics to their huge collection.


Information Website for squirrel lovers! :

Wikipedia page all about the white-tailed deer:

All about Horses, from the National Geographic website:

Website with lots of information and photos showing ancient Chinese and other oriental coins, especially the old “Cash”
coins with the square holes. The coinage of China covers a period of over 2400 years! :

Find all kinds of antique shops, antique malls, flea markets, and similar venues in your area by searching the site AntiqueMalls.com:

Website with lots of information on the field of collecting antique electrical insulators, both glass and porcelain:

One of the very best sites on the web to look for an obscure book title…….this site has info/links pointing to over 150 million books for sale–a database of thousands of book dealers and websites from around the U.S. and the world:

“WheresGeorge.com”– the U.S. currency tracking site! This is a little weird and goofy, but a fun and harmless hobby! (And totally legal!)  If you find a dollar bill (or any denomination bill) in your change that’s been marked or stamped with the words “WheresGeorge.com”, just go to this site and enter your location (zip code) and the serial number of the bill!  You’ll then get to see where the bill has been recorded so far, and you can sign up to receive automatic email notifications to see where it is reported in the future!  Anyone can ‘start’ your own bills……  just enter the serial number of any bill into the database,  spend them as you normally would, and see where they travel around the US (some are eventually reported from overseas) :

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