ARCOROC glassware

         ARCOROC brand glassware

                            Arques, France 

Arcoroc is a brand name used by Arc International (headquartered in Arques, France) primarily for their commercial-grade ware (glassware made to withstand heavier abuse than items sold for typical home use),  such as drinkware,  barware, cookware, serving bowls, etc, used especially in restaurants, hotels and other institutional settings.  The brand name “Arcoroc” was introduced in 1963.

Arc International also produced glass under the LUMINARC brand name  (introduced in 1948) which is usually sold for typical consumer use.

Most Arcoroc glassware sold within the United States is (as far as I can tell) made at their North American glassware-producing facility (Durand Glass Manufacturing Company) which is located in Millville, New Jersey.

Durand started glass production at Millville in 1982.  Other glass production facilities operated by Arc International (and where Arcoroc brand ware may also be made) include locations at Châteauroux, France and Nanjing, China.

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3 Responses to ARCOROC glassware

  1. Edith Herring says:

    I have done s little more family research and a relative remembered this being a popular gift and thinks it may have been given to my mother during this later time frame. Thanks for your help.

  2. Edith Herring says:

    I have two sets of a Rosaline pink swirl pitcher and 4 tumblers. One belonged to my mother and I feel sure that she had it long before 1960. Is there any other information on this pattern as
    depression glass? I am mystified that it is not older. Thanks for your help.

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