Anchor and H entwined mark: Anchor Hocking Glass Corporation

Anchor-Hocking Glass Corporation

Anchor-Hocking Corporation

Lancaster, Ohio and other glass manufacturing locations (1937- to date)

Anchor-Hocking mark

Anchor and “H” intertwined: Anchor Hocking Glass Corporation

First identification mark used: Anchor with an “H” superimposed (entwined) over it, in use since 1937. (Shown here, as seen on the bottom of a Shedd’s Lady Betty prune juice bottle in emerald green glass).

Anchor Hocking Glass Corporation was formed in 1937, a result of the merger of the Hocking Glass Company, Lancaster, Ohio (which began in 1905) and the Anchor Cap and Closure Corporation, Salem, New Jersey (began 1913).

Over the years, a number of glass manufacturing plants were involved including locations at Salem, New Jersey; Winchester, Indiana (former Woodbury Glass Company, later, Turner Glass Corp., later General Glass Corp. plant); Connellsville, Pennsylvania (former Capstan Glass Company which closed down on November 5 , 2004- thanks to info provided by Tamara Garza) ; Jacksonville, Florida;  San Leandro, California;  Los Angeles, CA;  Waukegan, Illinois and Houston, Texas.   In 1970, the former Phoenix Glass Company plant located in Monaca, Pennsylvania was acquired by Anchor Hocking.

Anchor Hocking Glass Corporation became “Anchor Hocking Corporation” in 1969, as the word “Glass” was eliminated from the official company name as they were expanding worldwide and diversifying into the production of many other types of products.

Anchor Hocking has produced tremendous quantities of both utilitarian container glass (soda bottles, food containers for retail sale, etc) and a great variety of glass tableware and cookware for home use (including such popular product lines as “Ruby Red“, “Forest Green” and their “Fire-King” semi-opaque glassware). Currently such items as storage canisters, candle holders, and assorted kitchen ware is still being made here in the United States. Most of the ware made in the United States is made at the Lancaster, Ohio or Monaca, Pennsylvania plants.  However, very recently (i.e.  2014) some of the glass marketed by Anchor Hocking has been “outsourced”, i.e.  is now being manufactured in factories outside the United States.

Cobalt blue sundae glass by Anchor Hocking

Cobalt Blue sundae glass or Ice Cream Soda “Tulip” style tumbler, marked on base with an anchor inside rectangle  (6 & 3/4″ tall). I don’t know the exact dates these were made, but I bought this one new @ Target in about the year 2000. If anyone has info on when this color/pattern was being manufactured, please let me know!

Although the “old” Anchor/H mark was reportedly discontinued circa 1977 in favor of the “new” mark (anchor within a rectangle, shown here, introduced in about 1968) some glassware dating after 1977 also carries the “old” mark. I assume that all of the glass molds in production were not retooled immediately, but it took some time before all molds in use were carrying the new logo.

Anchor inside a rectangle mark used by Anchor Hocking. This is the mark on the base of the Sundae glass shown on this page.

Anchor inside a rectangle mark used by Anchor Hocking. This is the mark on the base of the Sundae glass shown on this page.


For a list of Anchor Hocking plant code numbers and other info pertaining to bottle bases in use during the 1960s/1970s period (courtesy of Dick Cole,, click here .


Most of the Anchor Hocking glass container plants were “spun off” in 1983 to form the newly created  Anchor Glass Container Corporation, with headquarters in Tampa, Florida. A very wide variety of glass containers for many types of foods, beverages and other products were produced.

In August, 2012 AGCC was acquired by the Ardagh Group, then headquartered in Luxembourg, Europe.  However, 6 of those Anchor Glass Container Corporation plants, that is, the Elmira, NY; Warner Robbins, GA;  Jacksonville, FL; Lawrenceburg, IN; Henryetta, Oklahoma;  and Shakopee, MN locations have recently been acquired by KPS,  as of April, 2014.

Anchor Glass Container Corporation logo, here as embossed on the base of a Jim Beam handled liquor jug, date coded 2006.

Anchor Glass Container Corporation logo, here as embossed on the base of a Jim Beam handled liquor jug, date coded 2006.

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Currently (2013), Anchor Hocking’s official website is located at .

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6 Responses to Anchor and H entwined mark: Anchor Hocking Glass Corporation

  1. Jeramyah Ross says:

    Can someone who knows about these email me at please? I think i found a 1951 bottle but i can’t find very much info online

  2. Nicole says:

    I found a piece of broken glass with the logo and its red glass and it was found on the rock piles within the low dried up maumee river by side cut park.

  3. Kenneth D. Johnson says:

    I am looking for the old AnchorHocking glass bottling company that was near Vernon California in the early to mid 1970’s.. They sold out to another company about 1976. I used to work for them. Looking to find out what company they sold to.

    • Matthew Shutz says:

      I live on the Patuxent River and found an old what looks like peanut butter bottle but it has ounce numbers on the side of it Girling only up to 32…. and on the bottom there is a six and on the right there is a 14 with a line underneath of it and then you have an anchor with the H in the middle !!! My email is I also as a child found a lot of Washington dairy milk glass bottles that are not broke !! I have always been interested in these bottles please somebody let me know what I have thank you !!! Sincerely Matt S

      • David says:

        Hi Matt,
        I tried contacting you directly by email but your email was returned with a “mailer daemon” as “unknown”, so perhaps you typed it incorrectly. You can email me pics of the jar, using the email address as shown on the bottom right-hand corner of any page on this site.
        Also, there have been thousands of dairies that operated throughout the United States that had personalized glass milk bottles manufactured for them……. many of them carry a company name along with city, town and/or state information. Not sure if you mean “Washington state” bottles or Washington, D.C., but I would suggest you post a query (along with photos of the milk bottles if possible) at the site, where many bottle and jar collectors discuss all types of antique glass containers. There are lots of dedicated milk bottle collectors who frequent that forum, so perhaps someone can pass along better information for you. You just need to sign up as a member in order to post. It is a free and friendly site!
        Best regards,

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